PBA Spindles Spare Part List

We stock over 12 different brands of New Spindles Bearings and Spindles Spare Parts.


GRW High-Precision Ball Bearings

Running accuracy, axial load capacity and rotational speed – when it comes to these features, spindle ball bearings yield excellent results all around. GRW   ball bearings stand out for first-rate precision and long-term durability. Commonly known as spindle bearings, they consist of solid inner and outer rings as well as ball sets with window cages.

Product Code Product DescriptionQtyBrands
SS 608-2Z P4 GPR TN9HAngular Contact Steel Ball Bearing9GRW
SS 688-2Z GPR THB G340 CPAngular Contact Steel Ball Bearing20GRW
SS 698-ZB2Z P5 GPR THBAngular Contact Steel Ball Bearing7GRW
SS 687 Z GPR THBAngular Contact Steel Ball Bearing96GRW