Servicing Difference

is what Makes Us

Spindles is what we do, and our core focus. This fact epitomises the PBA Spindles difference.

From certifications for quality and servicing leading spindles manufacturer brands, to our state-of-the art facilities and repair process, our expertise is brought consistently through an extensive spindles service network in Southeast Asia which gives you the assurance of a platform that you can reach out to easily from anywhere across the region.

GMN Certified
Representative &
Service Centre

Jäger Certified
Representative &
Service Centre

ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Spindles Service Centre

PBA Spindles one of the first companies in the region to be ISO 9001: 2015 certified for Servicing and Repair of Spindles, since Oct 2006. We are one of ten GMN Certified service centres worldwide, and one of the few Jäger Certified Service Partners globally who are authorised to open and repair Jäger-manufactured spindles.

Our Spindles Repair Process

Defective spindles are restored to their original working conditions through our world-class expertise and engineering knowledge; aided by state-of-the-art facilities with thorough and stringent quality control testing.

Our spindles repair process is also bolstered by detailed service report, cause analysis, 100% run-in for an complete, incomparable level of professional service all focused on detail and quality to ensure your spindles is serviced to OEM specifications.

ISO Quality Control standards are built into each phase of repair, and every step is completed in our state-of-the-art service facility. We provide warranty for all fully-serviced spindles.

We also use high quality components from brands such as SNFA, FAG, GMN, NSK, IBC, IJK, RHP and NTN to ensure original quality and competitive pricing.

  • Dismantle


    Spindle unit is received from our customer and dismantled for analysis.

  • Failure

    Failure/Root Cause Analysis

    Service Engineer will perform thorough tolerance and dimension, as well as concentric checks. A spindle analysis report and quote will be sent to the customer.

  • Cleaning


    Once quote is accepted, the spindle cleaning process takes place.

  • Parts Inspection

    Parts Inspection & Quality Checking

    A thorough inspection is then performed to ascertain parts replacement requirements required to restore spindle to its original working condition.

  • Shaft Balancing

    Shaft Balancing

    A highly-technical process of redistributing the mass attached to a rotating body of the spindle to reduce vibrations is performed with the calibrated use of shaft balancing machine and tools.

  • Assemble


    The spindle is then assembled for a complete unit to be tested.

  • Functional Test

    Functional Tests

    A complete set of post-repair tests is performed to ensure your spindle unit is thoroughly serviced to conform to the strictest quality standards. These include concentric checks, surface control, preload & gripper settings, clamping force, static & dynamic run-out, and burn-in tests.

  • Service Report

    Service Report

    Post-servicing, a complete report of test results is generated and sent to the customer for assurance on their newly-repaired spindle unit.

  • Packagaing


    The spindle unit - restored to pristine condition - is carefully packaged for shipment.

  • Shipping


    Customer receives delivery notice for prompt shipment.

Engineering Services

With PBA Spindles service centres throughout Southeast Asia, we offer our customers over 15 years of experience in the service and repair of spindles. We provide on-demand service to assist you to install new spindles and dismount of spindle units which requires servicing at our service facility.

Customized Repair Services

We provide customised repair services such as on-demand manufacturing of spindles spare parts for spindles that are no longer available in the market.

Machine Maintenance Service

In addition to installing new spindles, we also service and maintain machines to ensure your production assets run with minimal downtime. This service includes regular scheduled servicing, machine cleaning, parts replacement and troubleshooting. If you are facing an issue with your machine tools and spindle units, PBA service technicians are able to be on-site quickly to ensure that you maintain maximum productivity.

Extended Warranty certificate

With extended warranty certificate, your spindles will be repair free of charge even after our standard warranty expires - for another 3 to 6 months.
Terms & Conditions apply.